The Reverend Margery Kennelly, Chaplain

Keith Esposito, Kellogg Fellow

The Board of the Episcopal Chaplaincy

The Board of the Episcopal Chaplaincy is made up of alumni and friends of the Chaplaincy. They manage its financial affairs and help direct its mission. This year’s board includes:

Prof. Adrian Vermeule, President
The Rev. Dr. Edith W. Dolnikowski, Vice President
Mr. Jeremy Siegfried, Treasurer
Ms. Jenny Wolahan, Clerk
Prof. John A.E. Pottow
Prof. Richard Parker
Mr. Christopher Kaneb
Ms. J. Carey Bloomfield
The Rev. William P. Billow, Jr.
Prof. Richard Thomas
Ms. Alice Kenney
Rev. Margery Kennelly


The Rev. Joseph O. Robinson (ex officio)
The Rt. Rev. Alan M. Gates (ex officio)